Journey Builder Entrance Criteria, Campaigns & Dynamic Sender Profiles

Why won’t these campaign members sync over to the Journey? Combining three of the coolest features of Marketing Cloud into a single message series turned out to be complicated and we learned something new. So, I wanted to document and share it. Note, this scenario takes place in a Marketing Cloud enterprise 2.0 account usingContinue reading “Journey Builder Entrance Criteria, Campaigns & Dynamic Sender Profiles”

Marketing Cloud Data Extensions and Partial Delivery

Why did it only go to part of my list? Have you ever sent an email to a data extension, then looked at the tracking and wondered why Marketing Cloud decided to only send to a portion of the recipients? The most likely answer is that some of the people on your data extension haveContinue reading “Marketing Cloud Data Extensions and Partial Delivery”

Foundations of Email Deliverability IV – Inbox Success

Fourth of four posts in the Email Deliverability Series “Hey J – I just sent you an email at your personal email address. Can you check if you got it? Did it make it to your Inbox or did it go to Junk again? And how does it look on your phone?” We’ve all beenContinue reading “Foundations of Email Deliverability IV – Inbox Success”

Foundations of Email Deliverability II

Second of four posts in the Email Deliverability Series After several years of practice, I’ve assembled a summary of the best tips to ensure the successful inbox placement of your email. Dos: Personalize your content for each subscriber. Insert their name or dynamic content that caters to their interests. Send from a person instead ofContinue reading “Foundations of Email Deliverability II”

Foundations of Email Deliverability

First of four posts in the Email Deliverability Series The most engaging or creative email in the world is worthless if you can’t get it into a person’s Inbox. That’s why I’m starting with some foundational tips for success with email in general, mixed with some Marketing Cloud features as well. First, I recommend checkingContinue reading “Foundations of Email Deliverability”